Monday, October 31, 2011

In the beginning...

My jewelry adventure began on December 5, 2010.  I attended a Christmas decoration workshop at our church.  I made a few things, but what caught my attention was the process of squirting acrylic paint into clear, glass balls, turning them upside and allowing the paint, which I so carefully squirted inside, to drip out.  The result was a gorgeous mix of red, silver and white, flowing into and around each other – creating a decoration card shops could only dream about.  After 3 days, the paint had finished dripping and had dried.  The workshop leader supplied a beautiful wired ribbon to tie onto the cap of the glass ball.  I’ve always been crafty, but this was extremely simple and produced an amazing effect.

I got my Scrabble friends together one afternoon and before our weekly Scrabble tournament, we made glass ball decorations.  Not only were the colour options endless, the assortment of glass balls available made each piece unique.  We squirted and twirled and when the last ornament had been turned over in its own little plastic cup, we stood back and surveyed our handiwork.  Our homes would be well-decorated this Christmas with the most eclectic array of coloured glass balls.  Hand-made!  We could give them as gifts, too.  Our minds were dizzy with the possibilities.

Christmas came and went.  We put our precious glass balls in storage.  I even found a few of our “gifts” in the spring rummage sale.  Hm…     Throughout the winter I made more glass ball ornaments experimenting with different colour combinations.  As I looked at the paint drippings, I realized there was more to this than just glass ball ornaments.  With this revelation, N.E.wear jewelry was born!

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