Thursday, December 29, 2011

For Unto Us...

Merry Christmas week and pre-Happy New Year!! 

Let’s go back a couple of weeks to the day we were finally able to get our tree.  We went to the same place we go to every year and came home with a beauty.  It was an easy choice and we were able to begin the decorating process in record time.  I have a box (many boxes, actually) but a specific box for Christmas lights.  Each year, I put them away in working order so there are no surprises the following year.  When, what to my wondering eyes should appear… but 3 strings of lights with 50% of the bulbs blown.  **sigh**  Last year I spent 2 days searching – and finding – the non-working bulbs.  This year, with N.E.wear projects and a deadline, I opted to replace the entire strings.  There must be a better way!!  L.E.D. lights, you say.  My track record happens to be tarnished with them, too.  So, I supported our local hospice thrift store and replaced my strings with someone else’s donation.  And now the tree twinkles in colours that surround our angel decorations.  On the top of the tree is “Angie”, the same angel we used on our family Christmas trees when I was a little girl.

I have to say our Christmas has been delightful – we’ve been able to “skype” with our long-distance relatives and kept our busy-ness to a minimum.  But here’s the question:  Is it right that a Canadian girl celebrate Christmas with green grass and a blooming weeping pussy willow?  I’ve searched my snow-starved soul long and hard, and my husband has convinced me that the lack of snow over Christmas has saved lives.  This season is already riddled with stressful travel time issues and with whom we spend that time.  So… I put on my big-girl panties and let this one go; not having miserable road conditions to deal with was a Christmas blessing. 

Today is Thursday, December 29 – 3 days from 2012.  We have been very blessed this year and look forward to making the most of each day we’re given.  From our home on the pond, our family wishes all of you good health, good friends and enough free time to appreciate what you have. 

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